Several people contributed to the conception, realization, and administration of this project:

Constantine Gavroglou and Dimitris Afentoulis (Latsis foundation) made substantial suggestions to the contents of our project application.

Concha Höfler (Viadrina University of Frankfurt) shared with us her ideas on the text elicitation and cooperated with Violeta Moisieva during her own field trip in Tbilisi.

Julia Ritz (University of Potsdam), Christian Chiarchos (University of Potsdam), and Maik Stührenberg (University of Bielefeld) cooperated with us for the development of the database of the project. For the archiving of our data, we used the infrastructure developed by the project D1 at the cooperative research institute 632 "information structure" (University of Potsdam and Humboldt University Berlin).

The website was developed and realized by Xenofon V. Gogouvitis. Communications agency MSCOMM designed the logo and acted as a creative consultant for the design of the website.

We are grateful to the confederation of Greek communities of Georgia, especially to Fotis Chitlov, Dimitris Chitlov, and Pavlos Karagezov for their valuable advice. Grateful thanks are due to the native speakers that contributed to the recordings of the project: Anastas, Angelina Angelova, Liana Angelova, Dimitri Chitlov, Foti Chitlov, Varvara Christoforidi, Elena Demurcheva, Vitaly Demurchiev, Adelina Karagezova, Petya Karagezov, Gerakl Konstantinidi, Yannis Muradov, Soslan Sariev, Sergei Surailov, Agafangel Turshiev, Alexey Yagubov, and Dimitri Yagubov.

Rismag Gorteziani (Tbilisi State University) and Rusudan Asatiani (Georgian Academy of Sciences, Inst. for Oriental Studies) helped us to reach the Urum community in Georgia.

Ioannis Kontis imported the data in .xls spreadsheets and prepared bar diagrams for the visualization of the empirical findings.

Gisbert Fanselow (University of Potsdam) and Malte Zimmermann (University of Potsdam) helped us to realize this project at the University of Potsdam.

Elke Pigorsch (University of Potsdam) was responsible for the administration of the project at the University of Potsdam. Eva Lianou and Chrysa Xourafa (Latsis foundation) were our contact persons in the Latsis foundation. They helped us with patience to resolve a couple of really hard administrative problems.