The Urum documentation project is the product of collaboration between the Universities of Athens, Bielefeld, Bremen, and Potsdam, funded by the Latsis foundation (January 2010 February 2011). The main goal of the Urum documentation project is to provide the scientific community and the broader audience with an elementary documentation (words, sentences, texts, manuscripts) of the language, that will be available on the web for the use of interested scholars and the language community itself.

This project created an archive of basic language materials containing:

(a) a thematic LEXICON containing the translation of 1419 concepts (belonging to 24 different semantic fields) (4 native speakers)
(b) a SENTENCE sample containing representative sentences for the investigation of grammatical categories and structures (4 native speakers)
(c) a TEXT collection containing semi-naturalistic narratives (80 short narratives by 16 native speakers)
(d) a documentation of the LANGUAGE COMMUNITY by means of sociolinguistic questionnaires about (a) the use of language and (b) the attitude of the speakers towards the language (30 native speakers).